So just a bit ago I got an email from TwitterMoms blogging program sending a call out for blog posts about”protecting your family from the flu this season.’ When I seen that title I got really excited to have this opportunity to spread the word about keeping yourself and family healthy, naturally of course. THEN… I read on! The email continues to explain that you have to include in your post how getting the flu vaccine is the best way to prevent the flu! As a matter of fact I will quote- “The main point we want to get across is the flu vaccine is best way to protect yourself from the flu.” Wow, if this didn’t activate me I don’t know… I mainly found myself on irritations side because so many people jump at the chance to write up these posts in order to win a $20 dollar gift card! I viewed some of these blogs and just as I suspected, I have not seen anyone with factual information about the flu shot. Sure there are other great tips on keeping your family healthy and that is great but having the false statements that the best prevention is through a flu vaccine just devalues the whole post.*Sigh* Letting this one go now….So here goes my 3 ways to prevent the flu this season, naturally.

1. Eat lots of whole foods, including lots of greens and veggies. A green powdered supplement is a great way to keep your immune system running strong. How bout a morning smoothie and a shot of wheat grass?

2. Keep your body full of bacteria! GOOD bacteria, you know, the kind that is essential in fighting off the bad bacteria. How you ask? A daily cup of Kefir from RAW milk, Raw yogurt is great too but Kefir is the bomb! 😉 Yes, this means you have to make it yourself but no worries it only takes about 5 min a day and the benefits are invaluable! Forget the store bought stuff it is pretty much dead after pasteurization. Kombucha is another great one if you want variety.

3. Of course the most obvious is keeping your hands clean. I wont go into detail about his one, I am confident my readers got this one down 😉

Its pretty simple isn’t it? Sometimes we are going to get sick and that is okay, its also about how quickly and easily you process it out. Remember we are human and their are a lot factors that affect our immune system such as stress, environment, etc. Your in control! Be the captain of your own ship!