Conscious Birthing

I know its been a while since I have put anything on this blog, all for good reason though. Time sure does seem to fly when your super busy. A lot of times when we find ourselves extremely busy and asking how did a year go by? During this time we may have not been too much in the moment, most times we have been living in our heads. Not fully conscious when we think we are or maybe you’re the one who knows you’re in your head 24/7 but just chooses to stay there. I will save this for another time… Just something to think about 😉

I birthed my son Cian (Key-in) last November and have been adjusting my lifestyle to 3 children all age 3 and under ever since! My son’s birth was AMAZING! I was fully conscious when he was born, no drugs, no interventions, no pain, some moments of discomfort and thoughts of will this human ever exit my body but nothing I ever for a moment thought I couldn’t handle. My family was there and a dear friend of mine video taping the beautiful moment we all found ourselves in. Life was emerging upon us. The extraordinary process that we are all blessed with here on Earth was happening in the comfort and love of my own home. Birth is something I will always be in ‘awe’ about, something that will always give me chills and keep me appreciating life. I know why midwives choose the profession they are in and why so many are being called to help our mothers and fathers birth from a conscious place. Imagine the connection you have with your child right from the start. What kind of message do you think your unborn baby is getting when your welcoming him or her from a conscious place of being? Do you think this sends a message to them that this world is a happy place and that they are wanted and welcome here? Of course it does. This is just one of the amazing benefits of choosing such an honorable way to birth your baby.

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