Stop poisoning your children

Do you know what goes into your child’s tiny body at every meal? Are you a parent that reads every label when you go shopping in order to insure you and your family gets not only proper nutrition but isn’t consuming chemicals and poisons that are detrimental to your health? If you are then great, keep up the good work! I know it is a hassle at first but its all about getting into a good habit. We have lots of bad habits and it takes a bit of discipline and consciousness to create a good habit but isn’t it worth it?

Lets talk about over the counter medicines for a moment. Parents are all to quick to jump at the opportunity to give their child Tylenol when they are sick. Not to mention the parents who give their kids Tylenol to put them to sleep! This is pure craziness! Do you question whether it is actually safe for your child or do you simply just trust it because it is doctor recommended and you can by it at your local drug store? If you knew what was actually in these and the potential harm that can be done you wouldn’t step a foot toward it. Should we be placing our childrens lives in the hands of so many others or is it time to take the initiative as parents and really find out what is safe for our kids and even for ourselves for that matter. Sorry to be so blunt and even sound insensitive but we really need to wake up here and get our big parent pants on!

Want to start a new good habit? Here is a place to start! The next time you or your child gets sick try reducing symptoms and healing whatever is going on with  Vitamin C saturation. Are you aware of the healing properties that Vitamin C really has? Did you know that whether you have a case of the common cold, strep throat or skin rash, Vitamin C (at  the right dose) can get rid of it pretty fast and ease symptoms in the process. Why not try something that is actually beneficial to your health and will build the immune system and let it do what it was meant to do? To learn more about Vitamin C saturation check out Healing With Vitamin C.

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